Special Guests
  • Frank Cho

    Frank Cho is an award-winning and critically acclaimed writer and illustrator. He is best known for his newspaper comic strip series Liberty Meadows as well as for such titles as Mighty Avengers, Shanna the She-Devil, X-Men, and The Hulk for Marvel Comics. Frank's work is noted for his precise figure art, illustrations of beautiful women, humorous writing, and adventure stories. He is currently under exclusive contract to Marvel and has just completed writing and drawing the new ongoing Savage Wolverine series. When he's not working on Marvel projects, Frank free-lances as a writer and designer for movies and video games.

  • Humberto Ramos

    Humberto Ramos is a Mexican comic book writer/artist, best known for his work on Crimson, Spectacular Spider-Man and Amazing Spider-Man. He began illustrating comics professionally at Milestone Media in 1994 before joining DC Comics as regular penciler on Impulse. In 1996 he started working for Marvel Comics before co-founding the Cliffhanger imprint with Joe Madureira and J. Scott Campbell where he released Crimson and Out There. In 2001, Ramos worked on Peter Parker: Spider-Man before creating Revelations for Dark Horse Comics. 2006 saw him working on various X-titles including Wolverine, New X-Men and X-Men before joining writer Terry Moore on Runaways. Since 2011 Ramos has drawn Spider-Man in both Superior Spider-Man and Amazing Spider-Man and he has more recently been a cover artist on Spider-Island.

  • Marv Wolfman

    Marv Wolfman has created more characters that have gone on to television, animation, movies and toys than any other comics creator since Stan Lee. Marv is the writer-creator of Blade, the Vampire Hunter, Bullseye, the prime villain in the 2003 movie, Daredevil, Deathstroke, the main villain in the first two seasons of the CW's Arrow TV show, which he created for DC's best-selling comic, New Teen Titans which was also adapted into two runaway hit shows on the Cartoon Network. Some of his other characters have been seen in Man Of Steel as well as The Guardians Of The Galaxy and still more are in both the Supergirl TV show as well as Superman VS. Batman: Dawn of Justice.

    Marv writes video games. His script for his most recent published game: Epic Mickey 2, was nominated for a WGA writing award for Outstanding Video-game Script. He has also written the video games for Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters, Superman Returns, DCU-MMO, Flash and Dark Knight among others. He also writes animation and has story-edited many shows including Transformers, Adventures of Superman, Monster Force and more. Marv also writes novels; his adaptation of Superman Returns won the industry's "Scribe" award. His newest novelization is Batman: Arkham Knight. His first non-fiction book, Homeland, The Illustrated History of The State of Israel won the National Jewish Book Award among others. Marv is also a recipient of the Will Eisner Hall of Fame Award.

    Marv was Editor-in-Chief at Marvel Comics, senior editor at DC Comics and founding editor of Disney Adventures magazine and created many characters for these companies and others. Marv was also Editorial Director for 15 graphic albums for the educational market, targeting high school students who read with a 3rd-5th grade level. He was given a special commendation by the White House for his work on three anti-drug comics for the "Just Say No" program.

    Marv is married to his lovely wife, Noel, and has a wonderful daughter, Jessica, from his first marriage. Marv & Noel also have an obstreperous Keeshond dog named Elle Dee Deux (L.D.) who is currently chewing on everything that is and isn't nailed down.

  • Mike Zeck

    Mike Zeck is a comic book artist who has worked with all the major comic publishers. He is best known for his work on Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars, Captain America, Spider-Man: Kraven's Last Hunt, The Punisher, Deathstroke the Terminator and Shang Chi, Master of Kung Fu. Zeck's first work in comics was, in 1974, on the animated and horror lines for Charlton Comics.

    In 1977, Zeck began working for Marvel Comics on the popular Shang Chi, Master of Kung Fu. In 1981, he began a three-year run on Captain America which he left to draw the best selling Marvel mini-series, Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars, on which he designed Spider-Man's black & white costume. In 1986 he began one of his best-remembered associations when he illustrated the highly successful Punisher mini-series. His work on Punisher is considered to have propelled the character to flagship status at Marvel.

    In 1987 he collaborated with JM DeMatteis on what is considered one of the key Spider-man storylines, Kraven's Last Hunt, and features regularly in reader's polls of the most popular Spider-man stories.

    During his time with Marvel, Zeck provided art for many pivotal Marvel works, including The Punisher, G.I. Joe, and the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe. His artwork also appears in The Spectacular Spider-Man, The Defenders, Solarman, Power Man and Iron Fist, Marvel Tales and The Savage Sword of Conan.

    Zeck's work for DC Comics included Deathstroke the Terminator, Batman, Legends of the DC Universe, Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, Green Lantern and collaborated with Mark Waid on the Kingdom Come sequel, The Kingdom.

    His official website can be found at, http://www.mikezeck.com

Featured Guests
  • David Aja

    David Aja (1977) is a guy who started drawing when he was a kid just like everybody else, but he hasn't stopped yet. He earned a five-year degree in Fine Arts (Design and Audiovisuals specialty), worked as an illustrator (in press, magazines, books, design, publicity), and then started doing comics, which is like writing with pictures or drawing with words. You may know Hawkeye, Immortal Iron Fist, Daredevil, or Wolverine for Marvel among others. He's won Eisner, Eagle, and Harvey Awards for his work. He is not too much in person.

  • Jeremy Bastian

    Insanely detailed illustrator and creator of Cursed Pirate Girl, Jeremy's ornate artwork and whimsical storytelling has won him many fans. He has also worked on the Guild: Tink one-shot for Dark Horse Comics, Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard for Archaia Entertainment and the upcoming Under the Moons of Mars: New adventures on Barsoom for Simon and Schuster.

  • Howard Chaykin

    Howard Chaykin is an award-winning writer/artist who began to work in comics in the early 1970s after serving as an apprentice to both Gil Kane and Neal Adams.

    Chaykin penciled the original Star Wars comics adaptation for Marvel and later went on to DC and their first mini-series, World of Krypton. Following this he produced work for Heavy Metal and graphic novels based on the work of authors such as Alfred Bester and Michael Moorcock.

    During the 1980s Chaykin launched the critically acclaimed series, American Flagg! for First Comics which he wrote and drew and then the Time2 graphic novels. In 1986 he revamped The Shadow for DC, before going on to create the explicit and controversial Black Kiss for Vortex Comics. During the 90s he drifted away from comics as he became more involved in television.

    More recently Chaykin has most notably written Die Hard: Year One for Boom Studios, Black Kiss II, Avengers 1959 for Marvel and re-boots of older characters, this time of Buck Rogers and The Shadow again, for Dynamite. He has produced new art for the re-launched Star Wars comic and is currently working with Matt Fraction on Satellite Sam for Image Comics.

  • Ian Churchill

    Ian Churchill has worked professionally in the comic book industry for over 20 years. Debuting on Marvel's X-Men titles, he has illustrated Cable, Deadpool, The Avengers, Superman, Supergirl, Teen Titans, Red Hulk, The Ravagers, Richard Starkings' Elephantmen and his own group of supernatural heroes, The Coven. His creator-owned character, Marineman, published by Image Comics, received a prestigious Eisner Award nomination. Revenge, a collaboration with acclaimed broadcaster and comic creator Jonathan Ross, also published by Image comics further established him as an independent creator. Churchill is currently working on Marineman volume 2 as well as working for other big name comic companies and also has more creator-owned projects in development. His original artwork is available to purchase at ianchurchillart.com.

  • Katie Cook

    Katie Cook is an American illustrator, cartoonist and writer. She is one of the main writers on the wildly successful My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic series published by IDW. Katie has done licensed work for DC, Marvel and The Jim Henson Company working on various Star Wars titles, Lord of the Rings and Fraggle Rock. Alongside her published work she is well known for her popular ongoing web comic series Gronk: A Monster's Story.

  • Duncan Fegredo

    Eisner-nominated artist, Duncan Fegredo has illustrated comics for pretty much all the major publishers. He is probably best known today for his work on Mike Mignola's Hellboy and continues to collaborate with Mignola most recently on Hellboy: The Midnight Circus. Fegredo's big American breakthrough was the painted prestige series, Kid Eternity for DC with Grant Morrison. He has also had a string of collaborations with Pete Milligan, published through Vertigo, including Girl, Face and Enigma (finally back in print now) and Scarecrow. For Marvel, he has drawn Spider-Man and X-Force, again with Milligan. He also drew a Jay and Silent Bob series written by Kevin Smith.

    Fegredo is currently drawing MPH, co-created with Mark Millar, soon to be adapted for the big screen and recently dabbled in movies as lead storyboard artist on Darren Aronofsky's Noah.

  • Gary Frank

    With over 20 years in the comic business, Gary has drawn Hulk, Dr Strange, X-Men Unlimited and other X-Men titles. Moving onto DC he worked on Birds of Prey and Supergirl. Image was next and worked on the wildly popular Gen13 before moving back with Wildstorm studio to DC. His first creator-owned concept was Kin for Top Cow before moving onto the influential Rising Stars with J Michael Straczynski and Midnight Nation. The Avengers with Marvel was next followed by Supreme Power, covers for Amazing Spider-man, Silver Surfer, Black Panther and Avengers: Finale. In 2007 he again moved to DC working on Action Comics, Superman: Secret Origin, Smallville and Batman: Earth One.

  • Juanjo Guarnido

    Spanish-born artist Juanjo Guarnido is an Eisner-award winner notable for his work on the Blacksad series and his animation work. His early work included several local fanzines, and illustrations for Spanish Marvel publications. In 1990 Guarnido moved to Madrid to work in an animation studio where he met his future scriptwriter Juan Diaz Canales. He then moved to Paris in 1993 and was employed by Walt Disney Studios as a layout man and animator on films like 'Tarzan', 'Hunchback of the Notre Dame' and 'Hercules'. In his spare time, he began creating comics with Canales. This eventually resulted in the launch of their critically acclaimed anthropomorphic black cat detective Blacksad, the first book of which was published by Dargaud in 2000. Guarnido's film noir-inspired comic is inhabited by a great many remarkable and unusual animal characters, including anthropomorphic cameos of famous persons and a wide range of reptile villains. The much lauded series is published in a wide range of languages around the world. Guarnido was also the cover artist and illustrator of the final installment for Pierre Boisserie's collective science-fiction series Voyageur published by Glenat. With Canales's wife, Teresa Valero, he co-created the heroic fantasy children's series Sorcellieres, which is published by Dargaud.

    He has won a number of international awards for Blacksad including Eisners in 2011(Best painter/multimedia artist) and 2015 (Best US Edition of International Material) for the Dark Horse edition of Blacksad: Amarillo.

  • RM Guerra

    R. M. Guera is the nom de plume of the Serbian born comic book artist born in ex-Yugoslavia but now living in Spain.

    His Yugoslavian comic debut was in 1982 with Elmer Jones, a Western series written by Dragan Savic whom he again collaborated with on Texas Riders.

    Over the years Guera has been a successfully published not only in Serbia, but also Spain, France and the United States, with his artwork having been published in several books including the French series Le Lievre de Mars written by Patrick Cothias and Antonio Parras for publisher Glenat, an adaptation of  Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained, Batman Eternal and the long-running critically acclaimed Native American crime series, Scalped with writer Jason Aaron, for DC/Vertigo which is now being collected as a series of deluxe hardcovers.

    He is currently drawing new Image series, The Goddamned with Jason Aaron.

  • Emanuela Luppachino

    Born and raised in Rome, Emanuela left her career as biotechnologist to work in the world of comics. She first started working in Italy on the noir series L'Insonne and then moved into the US market, working on several titles including Angel and Star Trek for IDW, a Superman story on JLA 80 Page Giant for DC Comics and X-Factor for Marvel, written by Peter David and where she's had her longest run as a penciller. More recently she has worked on titles such as Archer & Armstrong, Bloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corps for Valiant, World's Finest for DC and Thor: God of Thunder for Marvel. She is currently the artist on both Supergirl and Supergirl: Futures End. Lupacchino also creates character designs for role-playing game books and is the cover artist for several publishers in Europe and the US.

  • Alex Maleev

    Eisner-Award-winning artist, Alex Maleev, is a comic book illustrator of Bulgarian descent. He has collaborated with Brian Michael Bendis on a number of projects including: Marvel Comics' series Daredevil Vol. 2, Todd McFarlane's Sam and Twitch series, Spider-Woman and on the four part Halo: Uprising miniseries from Marvel Comics. Maleev also drew the art for the comic book The Crow: Dead Time, The Crow: Flesh & Blood, The New Avengers "Illuminati" special, New Avengers, Civil War: The Confession, Scarlet and Moon Knight as well as covers for Daredevil: End of Days and most recently a poster for Netflix's new series Jessica Jones.

  • Francis Manapul

    Francis Manapul is a New York Times bestselling comics creator and an award-winning writer and artist based in Toronto, Canada. In 2011 he was awarded the Joe Shuster Award for Outstanding Artist of the year, as well as an Inkwell Award of that same year. Best known for his work on DC Comic's New 52 The Flash, he took over the creative duties on Detective Comics in the spring of 2014. His past work for DC includes Adventure Comics, Superman/Batman, Legion Of Super-Heroes, and The Flash. He's also worked on Iron Saint, Necromancer, Sept Guerrieres, Tomb Raider, The Darkness, G.I. Joe, and Witchblade. He was also a TV presenter on History Channel's Beast Legends.

  • Esad Ribic

    Croatian-born artist, Esad Ribic began his career as an animator and drew comics on the side as hobby. The collapse of the studio meant he had to fall back on his hobby for a living. After some small press gigs his first break was the Four Horsemen mini-series for DC in 2000. This led to work at Marvel where his first assignment was a rush fill-in on X-Men: Children of the Atom. Since then he has worked primarily for Marvel, illustrating the likes of Wolverine, Silver Surfer: Requiem, Sub-Mariner and Loki, where he started painted interiors, and Uncanny X-Force with Rick Remender. More recently he has been illustrating Thor: God of Thunder with Jason Aaron as part of Marvel Now. 2015 has seen the publication of blockbuster, Secret Wars III with Jonathan Hickman.

  • Ryan Stegman

    Ryan's first art job was to do covers for Markosia including Starship Troopers and Midnight Kiss. He then found himself at Marvel working as the penciller and inker for the Raymond E Feist series Magician Apprentice which he worked on from 2006-2009. Ryan became exclusive to Marvel in 2010. He did various work for Marvel on titles such as Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Sif, and X-23 before his memorable work on the "Man Hunt" series for She-Hulks. In 2011, Ryan contributed to Fear Itself: Deadpool series before becoming an artist for The Amazing Spider-Man series as well as assorted off-shoots. Ryan also drew for Superior Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider series during that time, both of which have direct ties to the death of Peter Parker.

    Ryan has also contributed to numerous other Marvel series, including Fantastic Four, Avengers Vs. X-Men, and Moon Knight. More recent work has included the "Rogue Logan" series for Wolverine with Paul Cornell, 2013's popular new re-launch series Superior Spider-Man with Dan Slott & Humberto Ramos, and Inhuman with Charles Soule. He also regularly provides variant covers for various Marvel titles.

    Ryan is also regular cover artist for both Zenescope Entertainment and BOOM Studios.

  • Jill Thompson

    Jill Thompson is a multiple Eisner-award-winning artist and writer. She is best known for her work on Sandman, her creator-owned Scary Godmother series and Magic Trixie. In 2011, she won the National Cartoonist Society named her Best Comic Book Artist for Beasts of Burden published by Dark Horse.

    Thompson began her comic career in the 1980s working for such publishers as First Comics and Now Comics . She started working for DC in 1990 as artist on Wonder Woman and her work for DC has been across many titles notably Sandman and Dead Boy Detectives.

    Neil Gaiman recruited Thompson after he'd seen a drawing she did of Death for a fan. She initially illustrated the Sandman story "The Parliament of Rooks". Within this tale she created the characters Li'l Death and Li'l Morpheus. She then drew the Brief Lives story arc from issues 41-49. She has since written and illustrated several stories featuring the Sandman characters. These include the manga-style book Death: At Death's Door, one of DC's best-selling books of 2003, and The Little Endless Storybook.

    In 2005 Thompson wrote and illustrated the Dead Boy Detectives, an original graphic novel based on two minor characters from Sandman. Thompson's creator owned series Scary Godmother, originally published by Sirius Entertainment and later by Dark Horse Comics has spawned two television specials: Scary Godmother Halloween Spooktacular and Scary Godmother: The Revenge of Jimmy.

    She has created, written and illustrated a number of children's books including Magic Trixie.

    Thompson is a wrestling fan and has designed the ring attire for WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan.

  • John Totleben

    John Totleben is an award-winning artist who is best known for his intricate work on the Alan-Moore-penned Saga of the Swamp Thing run for which he won a number of awards and then Miracleman.

    He was born in Erie, Pennsylvania and in 1977 attended the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Arts. His first professionally published work appeared in the January, 1979 issue of Heavy Metal magazine.

    Totleben staked out his claim to fame as artist/inker on the now classic mid-1980's horror title, Saga of the Swamp Thing. Along with writer Alan Moore and co-artist/penciler Stephen R. Bissette, Totleben helped to establish a new, high-water mark for horror comics with his moody, highly textured and obsessively detailed approach to inking. While working on Swamp Thing, he instigated the creation of John Constantine. He went on to illustrate Miracleman Bk 3 Olympus, again with Alan Moore and in 1988, with Stephen Bissette he co-created the horror anthology Taboo, in which, From Hell debuted.

    Over the years, Totleben has worked on numerous other comic titles including 1963 , Vermillion, The Dreaming, The Legend of the Green Flame, Ultimate Marvel Team-Up and X-Men Unlimited. Totleben has also produced numerous painted and line art covers for Swamp Thing, Miracleman, The Return of Tarzan (Dark Horse), Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and several others.

Spotlight Guests
  • Laurence Campbell

    Laurence Campbell is an artist who studied graphic design at St Martins College of Art and later taught there. Early on in his career he contributed to the Caliber anthology, Negative Burn. Shortly after he was working at 2000AD on characters including Judge Dredd, Bison and Synnamon.

    He proceeded to work for Marvel on titles such as Marvel Universe Vs Wolverine, Punisher Max, Deadpool Pulp, Moon Knight and the New York Times Best Seller, Stephen King's The Dark Tower - The Way Station. He is currently a regular artist on Mignolaverse title BPRD written by John Arcudi for Dark Horse.

  • Michael Dialynas

    Michael Dialynas is an illustrator and comic artist residing in Greece. In his native tongue he has published a book by the name of Trinkets: An Attic Full of Stories and a series called Swan Songs, but he is more known for his work on Amala's Blade with Steve Horton at Dark Horse Comics and Spera with Josh Tierney and other artists at Archaia. More recently he was the artist on Superior Spider-man Team Up Special and is currently drawing The Woods with James Tynion IV, published by Boom. He has now started work on TMNT for IDW.

  • Rahsan Ekedal

    Rahsan Ekedal is an artist best known for his work on the hit series Think Tank, and the Harvey-Award-nominated graphic novel Echoes. He has illustrated a variety of titles for Top Cow Productions (Pilot Season: The Test, The Crazies), Dark Horse Comics (Solomon Kane: Red Shadows, Creepy, The Cleaners), DC/Vertigo Comics (The Unexpected), and Boom! Studios (Warhammer). Ekedal has also provided storyboards and concept art for companies such as Disney XD, Undertow Films, BCII Television, and Ursa Productions.

  • Lee Garbett

    Lee Garbett is best known for his work on Grant Morrison's Batman: RIP Last Rites and Return of Bruce Wayne, along with DC's acclaimed re-launch of Batgirl.

    Working mostly for DC, he has worked on some of the biggest characters and titles in the business, including Amazing Spider-Man, Batman   Robin, Justice League Dark, Ghost Rider, Fear Itself, Judge Dredd, Angel and Faith and Ultimate X-Men.

    More recently Garbett has been the regular artist on Valiant's X-O Manowar, contributed a story to Vertigo Quarterly: Cyan along with Jock as well as designing costumes for the hit movie, X-Men Days of Future Past. He is currently working with Al Ewing on the Marvel Now series Loki: Agent of Asgard and staying with the God of Lies and Mischief, also drew Original Sin Thor and Loki: The Tenth Realm.

  • David Lloyd

    David Lloyd is the well-known illustrator and co-creator of the globally successful, V For Vendetta. He's also worked on the Hellblazer series, Aliens, Global Frequency, War Stories, and many other projects. His acclaimed crime graphic novel, Kickback, is now available as an app from Panel Nine with all kinds of extras including a commentary.

    Currently he edits and publishes an exclusively digital comic art magazine, Aces Weekly which features top talent from around the world. He also helps manage the educational website, Cartoon Classroom which aims to centralise all information available on the study of cartooning and sequential art in the UK and Ireland.

  • John McCrea

    John McCrea is a respected illustrator and comic book artist which has seen him draw for many of the major western publishers including the big two: Marvel and DC Comics. He has illustrated iconic characters such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Hulk, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Wolverine, Star Wars, Judge Dredd and The Simpsons amongst others.

    Recent projects include drawing the new ongoing Mars Attacks! comic from IDW, assorted Mars Attacks! trading cards from Topps, Progenitor, a new series for the onscreen-only comic Aces Weekly launched by David Lloyd, BBC Bitesize comic strips, a short story for the new Vertigo Comics anthology Ghosts and (last and most definitely least!) a new series of Dicks from Avatar Press.

  • Chris Uminga

    Chris Uminga is a freelance illustrator and artist, who has done work for WB/DC Comics, Marvel Comics and most recently provided cover art work for IDW Publishing. He has also designed toys for Mezco Toys (Living Dead Dolls: Figurines) as well as album cover art for Interscope Records.

  • Christian Ward

    Christian Ward is a London-based illustrator, comic artist and writer. He is the co-creator of ODY-C with Matt Fraction for Image comics. Ward is a regular cover artist at Marvel (with Avengers A.I. #8 Covers C and D and Ultimate FF #3 being recent examples). Past comic book projects include Image Comics's bestseller The Infinite Vacation with Nick Spencer and Olympus with Nathan Edmondson. He has also worked with Kieron Gillen on Young Avengers as well as with Margaret Atwood on The Guardian and British Library's Comic Unmasked project.

  • Chrissie Zullo

    Chrissie Zullo is a freelance illustrator who has worked for DC, Dark Horse, IDW, Devil's Due, Topps, Dynamite Entertainment, Archie and Harper Collins. Her most notable works are probably her distinctive covers for Vertigo's Cinderella: From Fablestown with Love and Fables Are Forever. Other notable titles are Fables, Madame Xanadu, Hack/Slash, Womanthology, Little Nemo Anthology, Life With Archie, Creepy and New Crusaders. Zullo is currently creating covers for Vertigo's Fables: The Wolf Amongst Us, Vertigo's first digital comic. She also lives with her cat, drinks too many cups of tea and has an obsession with Yetis.

Costuming Guests
  • Enji Night

    Enji Night is an internationally known cosplayer, costume designer and model from Budapest, Hungary. She's been cosplaying since 2009, and has created over 50 costumes in the past 6 years. She is known for her Supergirl, Chun Li and Samus cosplays. Most of the time she is cosplaying from comics, games and anime, but she likes to create unusual cosplays, such as her gijinka version of the Firefox mascot! She has won several cosplay awards in her country and since 2013 she has been attending conventions and judging cosplay contests all over the world. Her costumes have been featured in online and print publications including Kotaku, FHM, ELLE and Marie Claire. She has also had the honor of being the spokesmodel for Nokia Hungary. When she is not cosplaying, she spares most of her free time playing video games and watching animes.

  • D-Piddy

    D-Piddy is a regular fixture at some of the most popular fan conventions in the United States and has developed an international fanbase via his self-produced YouTube series "Deadpool vs." Dubbed "The Merc with the Moves" D-Piddy's unique interpretation of the morally ambiguous Marvel mercenary has injected levity and approachability to an often dubious character that fans have consistently admired for decades. With over 100 million views on his YouTube channel, and almost half a million subscribers, D-Piddy has cemented himself as a force to be reckoned with within the cosplay, pop culture and entertainment communities, proving he has legitimately cracked the code as to what makes a successful brand go viral. A self-confessed comic geek, D-Piddy's true identity remains a mystery to his following but there's one thing fans can expect to happen when he's around - total and utter mayhem.

  • Vampy Bit Me

    Vampy has been cosplaying for over 16 years and is heavily interested in both fashion and art. She learned to style in the USA before moving to London, and later Japan, where she continued her studies. Upon returning to the US, she began to teach makeup while working as a model. Having made a splash in the cosplay scene with her depictions of classic comic book and videogame characters she was discovered by Japanese toy company Kotobukiya USA and was featured in the cosplay showcase book Otacool 2, which became a worldwide success. Recently, Vampy collaborated with Chris Hardwick of Nerdist to produce "Just Cos," a show featuring cosplayers from all walks of life telling their stories. She is currently part of a costume/prop makers group named 'Team Mantium Designs', which builds and fabricates highly articulate armour and she continues to push for creative freedom in all media. You can find her at conventions all year round promoting cosplay and she has recently been followed by CNN to talk about her life as a travelling cosplayer/artist. She can be seen online making large robot costumes, enjoying gaming on her 3DS and designing clothes and toys.

  • Kamui Cosplay

    Svetlana Quindt (AKA Kamui Cosplay) is an acclaimed costume designer, author and cosplayer from Germany. With over 12 years of experience and a never ending desire to start the next big project she has already created many award winning costumes and lately published a hugely popular series of cosplay instructional books that have become the entry point for many Cosplay newcomers worldwide. Even though she now tours all over the world at international conventions she loves nothing more than to support newcomers as well as veterans in creating their big dream costumes.

    It all started with Svetlana's elaborate armors from World of Warcraft, Diablo and League of Legends and with them she played an integral role in making the German material "Worbla" a big player in the international Cosplay scene. For every cosplay problem she has an answer - either as photo-, video- or in one of her tutorials books.

    Even before making Cosplay her full-time job, Svetlana was already a welcomed guest at many international conventions such as DragonCon, Montreal ComicCon, Japan Expo, KatsuCon, GamesCom or BlizzCon where she not only judged many prestigious competitions but also won a lot of notable awards herself.

  • Kairi in Cosplayland

    Kairi, 26 years old, has been actively cosplaying since 2008 and has attended most of the Polish cosplay events either as a guest, competition contestant or as a competition judge. She also hosts a number of workshops and panels about the hobby, both in Poland and around the world. Kairi travels a lot and visited more than 10 different countries in 2014 as part of her cosplaying. Kairi has been the Polish representative in a number of international cosplay competitions, placing second twice and winning once (2014) and she will be representing Poland in the European Cosplay Gathering (ECG) finals in 2015. There is no specific type of costumes she prefers and she likes to experiment with new techniques and designs. She mostly cosplays characters that are close to her heart and she loves to perform on stage!

  • Leon Chiro

    Leon Chiro is a former Italian national athlete, personal trainer and photo model with a big passion for Cosplay. His cosplays are handmade by himself with the exception of some complicated sewing parts. All his cosplays are made with passion, heart and artistic skill! His specializations are armour, weapons and accessories. Leon is a major competitor in European cosplay contests, he loves putting his heart into the interpretations of his characters and has won numerous cosplay competitions in the main cons in Italy (as in Lucca Comics and Romics) and Europe (Best Cosplay Forge in Japan Expo 2013). His catchphrase is '#fomento' and it's based on his spirit and positivity to do the best in everything he does, with exuberance, a smile and happiness!!! In 2013 Leon started to travel around the world, having been invited, as special guest, to different cons in Italy and Europe (events such as Gamescom, Paris Comics Expo and GamesWeek) and he has judged very high level cosplay competitions. He state's "My dream is to travel and meet a lot of cosplayers around the world and who knows, one day maybe the ECG or WCS (cross fingers)".

  • Ross E Cobb

    Joining the array of international cosplayers will be the rising UK star and previous London Super Costume Championship winner RossECobb.

    Ross began cosplaying in 2009 when he cosplayed Alonzo from the hit musical CATS. Since then he has taken the UK cosplay scene by storm, cosplaying with wide variety from classic Disney, anime and musicals before going on to win against strong competition from all over Europe in the London Super Costume Championship in 2015!

  • Shappi Workshop

    Shappi Workshop has been a cosplayer since 2009. She specialises in armour and prop making and her passion is for games and the gaming industry, where she works as costume creator, host and model. Shappi has been a representative of Poland at numerous contests abroad. Her biggest achievements to date have been 1st place in European Cosplay Gathering (ECG) 2013, solo, and 1st place in Cosplay World Masters 2014. She often visits conventions abroad as a guest and judge.

  • Ireland Reid

    Ireland is a San-Diego-based International Cosplayer, Published Model, YouTuber, Gamer, Costume Designer/Twitch Streamer, who loves taking designing costumes to the extreme with creativity! Ireland has been making costumes for the fitness industry and for others in the cosplay world for over 14 years, starting from basic self-taught lessons on a simple sewing machine. She has a fine niche for even the slightest detail and is known for her specialty with Swarovski Elements in her pieces. She takes great pride in every one of her pieces whether she makes them for herself or others. When she is not working on cosplay, Ireland has her hands in many things surrounding the community from online game streams on her Twitch channel, to posting YouTube videos of her latest unboxings or explaining how she makes each cosplay. Aside from that, she shoots with local photographers for magazines and advertisements along with finishing her Master's Degree in Marketing/Finance. Ireland has a background in Hardware Components Prototype Engineering along with teaching herself design and sewing techniques. When Ireland does get a free moment in her hectic but fun schedule, you can find her at the gym, playing sports or simply curled up with the latest sci-fi novel.

  • Sneaky Zebra

    Sneaky Zebra are Nick & Gary. Two filmmakers with over 18-million views on YouTube alone, UK-raised and digitally grown, Sneaky Zebra is at the forefront of geek and comedy culture with a passion for making geeky content and cosplay music videos, even flying overseas to show off high quality cosplay and amazing cosplayers. The duo can't wait to see what LSCC brings this year.

    Nick and Gary will also be judging the Sneaky Zebra Open Masquerade.

Past Guests