Welcome to the fourth rendition of the UK's biggest and most exciting American-creator-driven comic convention.

If you are looking for the best selection of comic:

  • Creators
  • Publishers
  • Back-issue dealers
  • Retailers
  • Costumes

assembled in the UK then you are at the right place.

Please check out the Guest, Exhibitor, Artist Alley and Costuming sections that will be continually updated for announcements as we get closer to the show.

You can find out the latest news and discuss London Super Con with both our team and fellow attendees on Facebook, Twitter and our new YouTube channel.

  • Epic Costuming at London Super Comic Convention!

    Costuming at London Super Comic Convention 2014 was really happening! Hundreds of people showed off their amazing costumes. The costuming contest was standing-room only and thousands of fans marveled at the detail and intricacy of the work required to create the costumes. Be sure to show us your amazing costumes at L.S.C.C. 2015.

  • Latest update to the L.S.C.C YouTube Channel